Click below to schedule an ocular visit or see property
details and photos. Note that you cannot see the house
without an appointment. Thank you for not disturbing
the residents.
BROKERS: See “BROKERS ONLY” section below.



Welcome to the 602 Lovell website.  All brokers must first
complete the Non-Exclusive Authority To Sell (ATS)
prior to scheduling an ocular visit. Click the button below
to download the ATS. See instructions below. 
Thank you
for your cooperation and for not disturbing the residents. 



(1) Download Non-Exclusive ATS and complete it.
(2) Once completed with your information, email your signed ATS to the owner at
(3) The owner will email it back to you within 24 hours.  Note that you are not permitted to see the house without the ATS signed by the owner and without an appointment for an ocular visit.
(4) Upon receipt of the signed ATS by the owner,  you may call Ditas (the Owner’s assistant at Cell: 0917-145-2029) to schedule your ocular visit directly or simply make an appointment through the website below.  You must have your completed ATS form signed by the owner to show the guard and to Ditas who will meet you at the house. Without the signed ATS, you will NOT be allowed to perform the ocular visit. Please do not go to the property without an appointment. Again, thank you for your cooperation.  We appreciate it.